What I’m looking forward to/wishing for in 2012

  1. Amazon.com creating a category in Kindle Store for free books (Why make it hard to find those freebies?) (Note 10/1/2012: Saw these tumblr sites that note free fiction and non-fiction books at the Kindle Store. Good alternatives.)
  2. Having a truly noble, no-ulterior-motive, Head of State who knows what he’s doing (Note 10/1/2012: Heard this, a source of much hope: “It’s going to get worse before it gets better.” Although I live in the now for myself, I’m visualizing a better future for us Filipinos.)
  3. Attending yoga/meditation classes and poetry reading (iPhone apps have to do for now.)
  4. Having a more active social life (Uh.)
  5. The emergence of a really talented act who wouldn’t be on stage or on screen just because he/she is half or almost or already naked (really untalented male hotties can parade around like that, of course) (Hmm.)
  6. Writing and publishing a novel (Getting there… self-fulfilling prophecy)
  7. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, announcing she’s pregnant (I take this back. They seem to be happy and they don’t have to rush it.)
  8. Becoming a sexy no-nonsense boxer in pink gloves who does not get hit (First, I have to keep on going to the boxing sessions.)
  9. Meeting Daniel Day-Lewis (or one of his many cinematic incarnations) (Dreamt of him. Does that count?)
  10. New Year’s Eve at Times Square (!!!)

(Notes on italics were written on October 1st, 2012. I’m making early new year’s resolutions again.)